Recruiting top-level executives

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A major UK-listed, but highly international industrial group was looking for a new Chief Financial Officer. The reach of the search had to reflect the global nature of the group.


We started with the ‘near-in’ space, analysing the FTSE CFOs before moving more widely to competitors and other similar industrial groups across continental Europe, the US and Asia. We looked also at substantial divisional CFOs in companies of scale and complexity. We met the candidates face to face where possible and over VC where not. Overall, we interviewed candidates of over 10 different nationalities across 8 different countries.


The shortlist comprised four group CFOs (one from the UK, two from continental Europe and one from Australia) alongside a divisional CFO from a major UK multi-national. Ultimately, one of the group CFOs was selected. We have subsequently helped build his team, recruiting team members to be based in Australia and the UK amongst others.