The Challenge

Our client was a FTSE 100 financial services organisation. As part of rigorous succession planning, the Board wanted to identify individuals outside the organisation for top team roles where there was no credible internal successor, as well as to explore ‘best in class’ individuals from competitor organisations in other areas as a means of helping to benchmark their own talent as well as to keep an eye on outstanding talent in the industry globally. They therefore asked us to undertake an external talent mapping programme.


Our Approach

We started by developing role specifications for each of the positions in order to clarify the skills and level of experience required. These took into account not only existing imperatives but also any future requirements in light of Group strategy.

We then identified on a global basis target companies where the best qualified candidates might be found. The type of organisation varied in order to take account of the business area or function where they were strongest. For each position, significant sourcing and referencing was undertaken to identify the most promising talent. For each individual, authoritative information was then developed on their career history and current responsibilities and we met with them on a general basis to assess their capabilities and future potential; and their career agenda. All of this was undertaken confidentially without revealing the identity of our client.


The Outcome

The resulting report – scrutinised and approved by the Board – is updated on a six-monthly basis to link in with the Board’s deliberations on its on-going talent review process.