The Challenge

Our client was a FTSE 250 consumer goods company that needed to refresh and strengthen its Board through the recruitment of four new Non-Executive Directors over a 12 month period to replace recent or imminent retirees.


Our Approach

Our first step was to develop a clear sense of the collective capabilities required across the four appointments. To do this, we had one-to-one briefings with each Director to explore the key challenges and priorities facing the business and hence crystallise the key capabilities the Board would require. In addition, we agreed the personal characteristics that would make individuals a good fit with the Board. We then analysed the Board composition and highlighted key future gaps versus these capabilities and, based on these gaps, developed proposed briefs for the new Non-Executive directors. The Nominations Committee signed off these briefs, which then formed the basis for our subsequent search work.

Our search initially focused on two core profiles: a seasoned audit chair and an individual bringing current or recent international sector experience. For each role, we used structured research and informal referencing to identify candidates with the capabilities, potential capacity and cultural fit. We agreed shortlists for each of these two roles and supported the Nominations Committee’s interviews, from which they selected their preferred candidates.

Based on these initial two appointments, we then refined the desired profiles for the remaining two positions, focusing on a current or recent CEO with experience of leading international expansion and an individual with strong consumer and customer credentials. Given that one of the first two appointments had been of a woman, we were keen to ensure that one of this subsequent pair was also female, so that the Board was appropriately diverse and better matched its consumer base. Again we supported the Nominations Committee through the process, which led to the appointment of two excellent candidates.

The Outcome

The process of Board refreshment was successfully completed, with the new Directors adding valuable experience and fresh thinking but also maintaining the Board’s open, collegial but challenging culture. The business continues to see strong share price growth and is the most respected in its sector.