Where clients have particular issues around top team effectiveness or broader organisational dynamics, we provide highly tailored support that helps them to explore – in an objective and focused manner – the issues and their underlying drivers, to identify the key changes or interventions required and to gain alignment behind an action programme.

Every one of these assignments is different. Before we start, we explore in detail with the client the background to the potential assignment, what issues they need to address and what outcomes they wish to achieve.

If we believe we can help, we will then develop and agree specific terms of reference and a detailed project plan.

Areas where our help has been valuable include:

  • Helping Boards or Executive Committees to become true ‘high-performance teams’, in particular through optimising behavioural dynamics
  • Working with organisations with sub-optimal top management performance to diagnose the key root causes and develop an action plan to address them
  • Supporting organisations (in particular family or privately owned businesses) that are navigating complex succession issues, through addressing both the structural and human components of change