We advise clients on issues of Board Capability, Effectiveness and Succession – both through formal annual Board Evaluation processes and through more bespoke, ad hoc initiatives at pivotal moments of a Board’s evolution.

Our approach draws on our deep experience of seeing Boards in action, our record of high impact Reviews for a wide range of UK and international clients and insights from our proprietary research into Board effectiveness (see Publications). It is characterised by five key features:

A focus on helping Boards to add greater value to the business, not just provide better governance and oversight

A tailored approach, reflecting specific client needs; we avoid prescriptive or formulaic approaches and instead design every review in light of its specific context

Anchoring the review in the right fundamental questions, including ensuring alignment on the Board’s role and capabilities and exploring behavioural dynamics, not just reviewing Board processes and procedures.

An emphasis on gaining insights through individual structured interviews, led by expert practitioners, supplemented by a range of other diagnostic tools as required

Clarity and robustness in synthesising key themes and proposing actionable recommendations that stimulate open and honest Board debate and the agreement of key changes