Alongside our Search work, we offer a range of value added consulting services to clients. These include:

Board Effectiveness

We advise clients on issues of Board Capability, Effectiveness and Succession. Based on our insights on what makes Boards effective – drawing on our deep practical experience and proprietary research – we focus on the helping Boards to optimise the contribution they can make not only to ensuring good governance but in particular to enhancing business performance.

Management Assessment

Understanding the individual and collective strength of their existing leadership team is vital for Boards and Chief Executives. We work with clients to build on their existing management development programmes by providing an external market perspective on key individuals, succession pipelines and overall teams. Our work is characterised by its clear, actionable insights and recommendations.

Talent Mapping

Best practice succession planning increasingly considers not just internal options but also external candidates that would be considered if a key job became available. Our work helps Boards and CEOs understand the best talent in the marketplace, providing invaluable context for their development work with their best internal talent as well as with a head start if they need to launch a search for a particular role.

Top-Level Organisation Consulting

Where clients have particular issues around top team effectiveness or broader organisational dynamics, we provide highly tailored support that helps them to explore – in an objective and focused manner – the issues and their underlying drivers, to identify the key changes or interventions required and to gain alignment behind an action programme.