The Challenge

Our client was an international FTSE 100 business, looking to strengthen its marketing capabilities. One of our partners has deep experience of designing marketing organisations across sectors, and so we were asked for our advice on the pros and cons of different organisational options.

After a number of discussions, the client decided to establish its first real Group Marketing team and asked us to recruit for them a Chief Marketing Officer.

Our Approach

Our first task was to help crystallise the role and responsibilities of this new role, and to develop an agreed profile for the optimal candidate. We explored, with the CEO and all members of his executive team, how the new team could add value, and then worked with the Group HR Director to define the job scope and accountabilities.

We also discussed with two top team members who had recently joined from outside into group roles, their perspectives on the cultural characteristics successful candidates would need. Based on these inputs, we finalised our brief for the role.

We used our broad and deep knowledge of top marketing talent around the world, supplemented by targeted research in both our client’s broadly defined industry as well as in sectors with similar marketing challenges and roles, to identify possible candidates.

We had an interim review with the CEO and Group HR Director to review examples of different types of candidate, and used this to refine our primary areas of focus.

We then approached our target candidates and interviewed them to assess their detailed fit with the desired profile. From this, we developed and agreed a recommended shortlist of four candidates for the Group HR Director and the CEO to meet and prepared detailed reports on each, highlighting their experience and capabilities, as well as conducting extensive referencing on them. This shortlist comprised two British candidates, one American and one Italian.

We provided support throughout the process of interviews, providing feedback to the candidates as well as relaying any concerns or issues the candidates had to the client, and advised the client on their final selection of their preferred candidate. We then helped in the contract negotiations to ensure that this candidate was successfully landed.

The Outcome

The appointment has been seen as having highly positive impact, with a major rebranding programme delivered and significant steps takento enhance the marketing skills across the Group. The successful candidate has subsequently gone on to be recognised as one of the leading figures in the Marketing Community.